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Kiwassee Kiwanis sponsors many service projects to benefit the Midland, Michigan community. We strive to make Midland a better place to live by providing opportunities for the growth and creative expression of our residents.

We take pride in our city and the neighboring community. The following books are about our part of Michigan. You may buy (or learn more about) these books by clicking on the underlined items.

   Mid-Michigan Modern: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Googie   Susan J. Bandes
   Alden B. Dow: Midwestern Modern   Diane Maddex
   Midland : The Way We Were   Virginia Florey
   Midland: Her Continuing Story   Virginia Florey
   Dow Chemical Portrayed: A Catalog to Accompany an Exhibit at the Chemical Heritage Foundation   Gina Frese
   Growth Company: Dow Chemical's First Century   E. N. Brandt
   Dow Story: The History of the Dow Chemical Company   Don Whitehead
   Salt of the Earth: a History of Midland County Michigan   Dorothy Langdon Yates
   Architecture of Alden B. Dow   Sidney Robinson
   Papers of Herbert H Dow a Guide for the Scholarly   E. N. Brandt
   Forty Years of Firsts: A Recollection of a Dow Corning Pioneer   Earl Warrick
   A History of the Dow Chemical Physics Lab   Ray H. Boundy, J. Lawrence Amos
   From Saginaw Valley to Tin Pan Alley: Saginaw's Contribution to American Popular Music   R. Grant Smith
   Michigan's Lumbertowns: Lumbermen and Laborers in Saginaw, Bay City, and Muskegon, 1870-1905   Jeremy W. Kilar
   Germans in Michigan (Discovering the People of Michigan)   Jeremy W. Kilar
   Saginaw's Changeable Past: An Illustrated History  Jeremy W. Kilar
   Bay City Logbook: An Illustrated History  Jeremy W. Kilar
   Michigan Oil and Gas (Images of America) Jack Westbrook
   Big Lessons from a Small Town Bill Schuette
   Midland , Michigan: a visual journey: digitally manipulated photographs Patrick B. Humphreys

Note: Some of these books may be out-of-print or may be available only on special order. If titles are out-of-print, Amazon attempts to query a network of used bookstores.
We welcome suggestions on titles which should be on this page.

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